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Spec sheets:

BB-ITX96 Chassis and Blade tray

BB-ITX84 Chassis and Blade tray

All Models - Rear rack mounted power supply shelf

Supported Motherboards: BB-ITX96  BB-ITX84

BB-ITX96 6 RU, 9 blades, Mini-ITX system:

Build-a-Blade replaced 9 2U rack systems resulting in dramatic power and space savings 
Above: Build-a-Blade BB-ITX96 replaced nine 2U rack weather rendering and weather modeling systems resulting in dramatic power and space savings.  Above: Two Build-a-Blade BB-ITX96 systems (mounted in rack, in use) replaced eighteen 1U Intel P4 weather rendering systems (2 remaining 1U's shown just above it) resulting in dramatic power and space savings. 

Version 2 Build-a-Blade BB-ITX96

Main ChassisEasy insertion of blades
Easy access for fan filterBB-ITX96 rear view, 1 tray

Standard Fixed Drive Mount Blade TrayHot Swap Blade Tray

Version 1 Build-a-Blade BB-ITX96


BB-ITX84 4 RU, 8 blades, Thin Mini-ITX system: