Accessories offered for Build-a-Blade systems

We offer a number of accessories for easy installation, wire management, and customization of our systems.


Power Supply Tray:

By placing power supply on rack mounted shelves behind the chassis, power supply waste heat never enters into the cooling equation. Our unique power supply tray system allows for mounting of brick style 12 volt and 19 volt power supplies on the rear rack rails behind the BAB-ITX96 or BAB-ITX84 systems. This ensures neat and easy wiring, as will as keeping power supplies at the same level as the rack systems. Supply bricks are secured through nylon wire ties using the roles of stitching holes provided:

A populated tray:


Replacing power supplies is a quick and easy and can be done in seconds. Simply unplug the AC power cord for the failed supply, plug the new supply power cable into the chassis or blade power receptacle, plug in the AC power cord, and you are up and running. You can remove and secure the new brick power supply while it is in operation.

Photo below shows a BAB-ITX96 chassis with a Power Supply Tray in actual use:

Power Supply Trays are available from stock in our online store. Each tray can hold all the power supplies needed (10 for BAB-ITX96 and 9 for BAB-ITX84) if bricks are mounted on both the top and bottom of a single tray. For best performance and ease of use, two trays are recommended for each chassis so that power bricks are mounted on the top side of the tray only.


Cooling fans/heatsinks we offer


Many of the low power Intel Atom based motherboard use passive integrated heatsinks for cooling. For more powerful processing applications, larger heatsinks and active fansinks are required. We offer these heatsinks/fans in our configuration system, available at checkout.


Dynatron K199 1U active heatsink/blower fan for Core i3/i5/i7 and Xeon CPUs LGA 1155/1156


Thin Mini-ITX cooling standard via the Intel HTS1155LP Ultra Slim Active Thermal Solution shown below:

The HTS1155LP works well with the Intel DH61AG thin Mini ITX motherboard and Core i3/i5/i7/Xeon CPU's.

You can add either of these coolers at configuration/ checkout




Rack Mounted AC Power Strips:

For some installations, you may wish to add an AC power distribution panel:

These are available via our store, from stock. They are typically drop shipped direct to you.

A-Neutronics,Inc. MLSL-11510 15A outlet strip provides ten individually switched, rear mounted, grounded outlets. It is perfect for powering multiple components or lighting in DJ or stage environments. Each of ten rocker switches is lighted in the "ON" position, for easy identification. Easy accessed receptacle 15A circuit breaker provides added protection.

15 amp, 120 volt capacity in a rack mount cabinet. Fixed mounting flanges offer a solid rack mount installation. Uses only 1 rack space (1U) when installed in any 19 inch rack Attractive all-steel housing with 10 rear-facing outlets measures only 4.5 inches in depth. includes 15-ft. AC power cord, 15 amp circuit breaker. 5 -year warranty.

Model Number: MLSL-11510
Overall Length: 19 inch
Number of Receptacles: 10 rear
Cord Length: 15ft.
Switch: 10 each, lighted with locking cover
Display: LCD with backlight
Mounting Type: Flange (rack mounting screws not provided)
Approval: UL Approved
Maximum Rating: 60Hz, 15A, 120V
Unit Color: Black
Housing: Steel; 19W x 9D x 1 3/4 Inches (1RU)
Type of Receptacle: 5-15P (15A 125V) Black Outlet
Circuit Breaker: 15 amp
Cord Type: 14/3 SJT
Type of Plug: NEMA 5-15P (15A 125V) Molded on Plug PLUG
Color of Cord: Black
Cord Location: Exits the rear of the housing




DC Power Options:


Some server rooms use DC power systems for higher efficiency, and there are some applications for mobile/remote operations where powering a Build-a-Blade system on DC power is a requirement. To accomodate these needs we offer DC power distribution systems suilatble for either scenario.


Both the BAB-ITX96 and BAB-ITX84 systems can operate on 240/120VAC or on 12 VDC (or 19VDC for some Thin Mini-ITX motherboards). For such applications, we offer 1U DC power distribution panels that are available either as fuse panels (right) or as breaker panels (left). Using these 1U rack mounted panels at the rear of your rack allows for a single entry point for DC power, which is then safely distributed to the chassis and blades via pulg in power cables.

OV Series Circuit Breaker PanelsOV Serires GMT Optimum Value Fuse Panels

DC power distribution panels are special order items, with lead times typically about two weeks. Contact us for spec sheets, quotes, and assistance in special ordering either of the above.


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