Getting Started


Designing and ordering a system is as easy as these few simple steps!

1. Define your space requirements

Choose our 6U BB-ITX96 if you have available space or choose our 4U BB-ITX84 if your space is limited and you need maximum computing density.

2. Define your computing requirements

Choose our 6U BB-ITX96 if you have need maximum CPU and drive capability, or RAID arrays greater than 4 drives or choose our 4U BB-ITX84 if you need four drives or less, and you don't need maximum flexibility in motherboard and CPU choices. At present, standard ITX motherboards have more choices than Thin Mini-ITX motherboards. See our supported motherboard compatibility list for more details.

If you are running simple systems that just need basic office computing server support, such as simple Intranet Servers, low to medium volume Internet Servers, or task based systems such as machines to run small business office or home office needs, the Intel Atom Line of processors embedded on motherboards are an excellent choice. They also are excellent choices for small ISP's wishing to offer servers by leasing programs.

For high traffic/high volume computing there are many custom configurations you can choose, including RAID 0,1,5,10, Core i3/i5/i7/Xeon Processors, and solid state hard drives for maximum speed and performance. Don't see a combination that suits you? Ask us on our support page.

3. Define your power requirements

If you plan to operate in a server room on standard AC power, the BB-ITX84 system offers the lowest possible power requirements and cooling requirements, with processors as low as 10 Watts and blades with TDP's of 15 watts or less.

If you plan to operate on DC power instead of AC 120/240VAC, bear in mind that either system we offer can do so. Both support 12 Volt DC power inputs for motherboards and chassis, and we offer a DC power distribution panel to make this easy to deploy. Note that some Thin Mini ITX motherboards (for the BB-ITX84) use 19 volts DC input rather than 12 volts DC input. See our supported motherboard compatibility list for more details.

. Define your path - have us build it, or do-it-yourself

We offer everything from simple starter systems with 1 chassis and one empty blade, to blade systems fully ready to populate, to fully configured and optionally customized systems ready to run. See Buy-a-Blade to choose a solution that best suits your needs.

5. Place your order - we'll ship direct to your door!

We'll ship from stock for starter systems and do-it-yourself systems, while fully configured systems typically take about a week (sometimes less) to complete. Customized systems with logos, custom colors, etc. take typically 2 weeks to process once your order is finalized.

Have Questions?

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