Almost all motherboard types are supported

The Build-a-blade system supports a wide variety of motherboard and CPU combinations. On this page we offer requirements for compatible motherboards that will work with each of our chassis types, and any specific notes or requirements about them that are pertinent to the application.

We have chassis systems that support the following types of motherboards:

Over 90% of the motherboards on the market today will work in our chassis systems if they are one of the above form factors. The exception are the large format ATX motherboards, or mostly proprietary form factors such as the Pico ITX.


Here are the considerations you have to make in choosing any motherboard to work in our chassis systems:


  1. Power consumption - we don't recommend a power consumption for any single blade that exceeds 180 watts when using the DC-DC onboard power converters such as in the BB-ITX96 or BB-ATX98 models. If you need more than that, then you can opt for up to 300 watts per blade using the BB-ATX98 system with the optional 300 watt onboard AC to DC power supply.
  2. Height - if the motherboard exceeds 1U height, (1.75 inches or 44mm) then it won't fit in either the Micro ATX BB-ATX98, or the Mini ITX BB-ITX96 systems. For the BB-ITX84 using the Thin Mini ITX form factor, no motherboards are on the market that exceed the reduced height spec, so any Thin Mini-ITX motherboard will work.
  3. Cooling fan height and capacity - cooling fans should be able to handle the load of the processor Total Dissipated Power (TDP). Like the motherboard height in item 2, the height of the cooling fan on top of the motherboard should not exceed (1.75 inches or 44mm).


Full sized cooling fans such as are supplied with Intel processors in retail packages will not work due to their height.


However, we offer low profile cooper heatsink blower fans that solve this problem easily as seen on the left, the Dynatron K2 which supports a wide variety of processors such as Skylake LGA 1151, Haswell LGA1150 and LGA1155/1156. For socket 2011 Sandy Bridge Xeon processors, we recommend the Dynatron R16 or R18


BB-ITX98 Blade System - Micro-ATX motherboard requirements

BB-ATX98 balde server for Micro-ATX motherboards
  • Uses Micro-ATX form factor motherboards
  • Maximum board height 1.75" or 44mm (1U)
  • Low profile copper blower cooler for 1U applications
  • 180 watts or less for DC powered blades, 300 watts or less for AC powered blades
  • Optional PCI express x16 connector on board in position closet to processor for single PCIx expansion card via our right angle riser card.



BB-ITX96 Blade System - Mini-ITX motherboards

  • Uses Mini-ITX form factor motherboards
  • Maximum board height 1.75" or 44mm (1U)
  • Low profile copper blower cooler for 1U applications
  • Power consumption should be 180 watts or less per blade tray

BB-ITX84 Blade System - Thin Mini-ITX motherboards

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